Private Dependencies

Analyzing a private project sometimes need an access to another private repository. Your team might be using Git repository to distribute private library. This kind of dependency is supported in some tools including Bundler, npm, and Glide.

Private Dependency in Sider

We support using SSH to access private repository during an analysis session.

Uploading the SSH Key

SSH key settings
  1. Visit the repository setting.
  2. Click Add button of SSH Key Config section.
  3. Fill the text field with the content of key file.
  4. You can specify the description of the SSH key.

Note that the private key cannot have a passphrase and must be an RSA key.

Using SSH

Currently, only a few analysis tools use SSH configuration.

  1. JavaScript tools use SSH via npm install to access private repository.
  2. Go Meta Linter runs Glide to download dependencies from Git repository.

Other tools do not use SSH so adding SSH key for such tools are not needed at all.